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Buckingham-Plano Road Veterinary Clinic
Pets Are Family!

It is our mission at Buckingham-Plano Road Veterinary Clinic to serve others and provide the best and most compassionate medical care possible for your pet.

We are proud to have been serving the Richardson, Garland and Dallas area since 1989. We offer full veterinary care for your pet. Our services include vaccinations, wellness exams, surgery, dental care and heartworm prevention, to name only a few.

Our clinic promotes the practices, methods and tools that calm veterinary patients and create low-stress environments to encourage better healthcare, and more satisfied and compliant clients.  We are not here just to provide veterinary care, we are here to provide exceptional veterinary care, because that is what you and your pets deserve.

Techniques are used in the clinic to reduce stress induced anxiety with our patients. Using squeeze cheese, treats, pheromones, comfortable beds, comfort techniques during blood draws and catheters, our staff is dedicated to making sure we provide a welcoming environment to both the pet and the pet parent.

In serving our pet parents, we aim to help further educate them by providing resources that allow pet owners to make informed decisions regarding their pet’s wellness. Our website is intended to serve as a veterinary health reference that we hope you find interesting and informative.

Our veterinary practice strives to provide pet parents with a useful resource that expands their knowledge about our practice, services, and more.

After browsing through our website, please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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